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Cold Plunge + Sauna + Shower

By Sweat Decks (read below)

We make bad ass outdoor spas. Yes, I said it. We create your perfect home oasis. Everyone is on a Cold Plunge kick right now, and rightfully so. But– adding a sauna and an outdoor shower in addition to a cold plunge to an aesthetic deck in your very own backyard?

NOW THAT is WAY COOLER. We know you’re busy. Who has time to drive in Austin traffic to share a sweaty situation with a stranger? I have my very own, personal relaxation station in my backyard and I don’t have to deal with any of that:

I wake up, go outside to have my coffee on my lounge chair on my spa deck. Then I jump in the cold plunge, then sauna, then cold plunge (see the pattern here?).  I have my shampoo and soap outside and take my morning shower in nature which is such a better start to my day! (Don’t worry neighbours, SWIMMING TRUNKS ARE ON!) Anyway, enough bragging about my awesome outdoor situation. If you are not convinced that you need one in your own backyard already, then keep reading. 

You need the spa.
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fits 6 people. You can lay down in it. Or share with your friends and neighbours. Have a sauna party… the possibilities are endless. This is a stone sauna, not that crappy infrared stuff. There are countless health benefits of sauna, I’ll name a few but if you don’t know them already Google it.
Just kidding I Googled it for you:

Stone Sauna Benefits:
  • Better quality of life
  • Recovery for sore muscles
  • Detoxification
  • Increased metabolism and weight loss
  • Less muscle and joint pain
  • Skin health and anti aging benefits
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress
You can actually get your whole body in this one without being crunched up, most cold plunges you see online require you to bend your knees. (Basically you are doing a cannonball into a bucket of ice… no thank you.) OR AGAIN, have a cold plunge party. The possibilities are endless. 

Cold Plunge Benefits: (Googled again for you)
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Offers a huge rush of endorphins
  • Spikes dopamine
  • Improves sleep and mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps remedy aches and pains
  • Boosts injury recovery
  • Reduces swelling
    Promotes lymphatic drainage
    Regulates hormones
    Accelerates metabolism
Let's chat about your
future backyard oasis

Okay, now you are excited about adding a Sauna and a Cold Plunge to your back yard— but WAIT– there’s more.

The best part of what we offer is incorporating both your Sauna and Cold Plunge into a custom and aesthetically pleasing deck that not only makes them more functional– but keeps your yard cleaner, less muddy and all around more awesome. Oh, and on top of all of that— let’s throw in that outdoor shower too!

Don’t sleep on these amazing features: Who wants to walk through grass from their cold plunge to your sauna and then drag mud and grass back into your cold plunge or even worse into your house. And did I mention AESTHETICALLY PLEASING?

This is the closest thing to a sanctuary you can have and IT’S IN YOUR BACKYARD.

So let’s recap… Sauna. Cold Plunge. Outdoor Shower.---- all on a bad ass, beautiful deck IN YOUR BACKYARD:

You get healthier. You get peace and quiet. You get more energy. You add value to your home.
I would say that you could even become immortal or wake up with super powers, but we have a few more years before we can prove this theory.

You could spend hours of your busy life getting quotes from different contractors/installation companies, buying products from different manufacturers, managing the logistics of the delivery and installation…… OR you can leave all of that up to us.

This is actually how this company came to be: I got so overwhelmed by shopping for the best deals and HAD SUCH CRAZY STICKER SHOCK BECAUSE THE PRICE TAGS WERE SO HIGH. (The amount of quotes I received for $60k and up was shocking.)

We come to your house, wood in hands, ready to build your customized backyard oasis. We are fast, reliable, insured, have warranties and within a few days you can have your own personalized, customized, health infused relaxation station.

Clearly, I’m a fan. If you are still reading, you CLEARLY are as well. Put your info below and I’ll give you a call!

You need the spa.
Enter your info, I will give you a ring.

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